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Chin we - nwanyibuife

Following the success of our first 'Supported by' project, we've now joined forces with Chin We, a next generation filmmaker, who we've helped by bringing her film 'Nwanyibuife' to Everyman Cinemas this month...

Chin We | Nwanyibuife

I’m immensely grateful to Filmworkz for their exceptional partnership and unwavering support on my debut feature film 'Nwanyibuife'… I am thrilled to have established this connection and eagerly anticipate our future collaborations on upcoming projects.

OUR LATEST CREATE filmtalkz episode

Where do you encounter an acidic Mayfair glitz with noughties Notting Hill bohemian look, tied together with a strong sense of aristocracy? You come to Saltburn 

In this episode, we chat with Set Director Charlotte Dirickx and Art Director Caroline Barclay about their work on Emerald Fennell's Saltburn (2023). A Sticky, uncomfortable, hedonistic riot, this film explores desire, wealth, and power in an aristocratic family home one summer. 


Listen to our Incredible conversation with the legendary Oliver Schmitz on his creation of Mapantsula which was filmed illegally under apartheid and has just been restored so the world can see it properly for the first time...

Oliver Schmitz | Mapantsula


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