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Nucoda is our industry leading color grading application with unparalleled ability to enhance, restore and manipulate moving images.

Long favored by major studios, broadcasters and post houses, Nucoda allows you to take full advantage of the DVO Tools, bringing you unmatched enhancement, correction and conversion capabilities.

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Latest release 2024.1+

Nucoda is faster than ever!

Dolby vision updates including changes to trim targets and new cinema and home targets.

Bug Fixes for crashes, alignment errors and DVO Velvet and DVO Decompress issues

Updates for Red and Blackmagic cameras. improving compatibility with the latest camera models.

Coming Soon: implementation of Main Concept codecs

So Much More Than Color Grading

Access the entire range of Emmy award-winning DVO tools. 


Why choose Nucoda for your next Color Grading Project?

  • Unmatched flexibility for true professionals
    Advanced color grading application with HDR support and more color tools than competing systems.
  • Emmy award-winning technology
    Full access to the entire range of DVO Tools for an unmatched choice of additional enhancement, correction and conversion capability (optional).
  • More than color grading out of the box
    DVO Essentials Pack included at no additional cost.
  • Built for speed and efficiency
    Designed as a fit-for-purpose color grading system at the outset combining speed and efficiency balanced with advanced functionality.
  • Unlimited color layers
    Powerful memories view – easily recall grades, events and notes. Not restricted by a node-based approach.
  • No capital investment required
    Now available on subscription from just $99/month.

Here’s what our customers say


We’re very dependent on and very grateful that we can work with multi-part EXRs and also the DVO Tools.

Susan Brunig

Disney • Pixar


Nucoda is like the Banksy of color grading, it’s amazing but no one knows who they are!

Aidan Farrell

The Farm London


I love Nucoda’s DVO noise reduction and restoration tools in terms of matching older footage and stock footage.

Paul Westerbeck

Picture Shop

BUY Nucoda

Start with Nucoda Essentials and add more DVO Packs as required to build your own bespoke solution.

Nucoda Essentials


/ month

Fully featured Nucoda color grading system with unlimited color layers and DVO Essentials Pack included at no extra cost..

Optional add-on DVO Packs: DVO Essentials Plus Pack, DVO Convert Pack, DVO Restore Pack, DVO Video Pack.

Main features
of Nucoda

High Dynamic Range

Fully supports HDR grading, along with ACES workflows and Dolby Vision mastering. Our color conversion tools allow for standard and custom gamma and gamut conversions, while our soft clip has HDR threshold support and can be added anywhere in the color layer stack.

Netflix Production Technology Alliance Partner

The Netflix Production Technology Alliance recommends products with this logo. Meeting the technical and workflow requirements of Netflix, we're committed to providing the highest level of innovation, support, and customer service!

Expansive Color Tools

Our unique color layer stack contains isolation tools such as Mattes, Keyer and Shapes. Each layer also has its own difference matte generator and Matte Paint tools. There are fifteen unique GPU color tools in every layer and each layer can be routed to any point in the pipeline. Our unique range of color tools offers increasing levels of control over the image. The layer tree contains extensive routing capabilities for shapes, mattes and keys. Each layer also comes with blend modes and overall opacity controls.

Intuitive User Interface

The timeline, memories and effects views are all accessible simultaneously making working from shot to shot a seamless and straightforward process. The memories view speeds up the workflow, offering different ways to store, recall and compare your grades. Notes enable you to save unlimited numbers of these snapshots in folders so that you can assemble libraries of looks and access them in any project, while the events view gives you a storyboard overview of each timeline. With the unlimited multi-layer timeline, you can combine capabilities, using different isolation layer tools to produce complex looks quickly.

Conform and Grade merging

Merge grades to new edits and timelines using our color-coded merge list. Merge from EDL, AAF or XML, using multi-source or mixdown sources with original AAF or EDL. Extensive conform capabilities, with a dedicated conform window and conform options for all file imports.

Video Monitoring

AJA Kona 4, 5 or Decklink range. Resolutions up to 4K/UHD and high frame rates.

Dolby Vision Mastering

Mastering and trimming of Dolby Vision content with Integrated Software Content Mapping and support for hardware Content Mapping Unit Library.

Temporal Tracking

Our latest tracker offers Planar, Translate and Deform tracking. The trackers algorithm is highly advanced, making easy work of even the most difficult to track scenarios.

Extensive file import and export options

Support for DPX, TIFF, EXR, DNxHR, XDCAM, H264, MP4, Apple ProRes with 2020 and PQ encoding options, Arri, Codex HDE, RED, Sony RAW, Braw, Canon rmf, HDCAM 50, XAVC, AVC-Intra 100, IMX, DNG, Phantom and more. AAF export for reimport into Avid or MXF export for Avid relink workflow. Record and Source order export of material, including original tape name and timecode on export. Image scaling and clipping options on export. LUT and CDL Export. Multi-threaded image sequence exports, multi-part matte export for EXR sequences, export cache for fast exports to SAN and NAS locations.

Easy Project creation

Create multiple output formats for a single project. Easily create multiple deliverable versions in different resolutions. ACES Managed workflows fully supported.

OFX Support

Access to OFX plugin effects, including Sapphire and Beauty Box effects.

Control Panel support

The Precision panel is built from the ground up to drive Nucoda. The Precision control panel maximizes creativity through efficient and innovative navigation while retaining the stylish look and feel required in modern grading suites. Combining touch-screen operation alongside traditional control elements, Precision offers features and functionality unavailable from any other generic or integrated grading panel. The Elements and Arc control surfaces from Tangent Devices are also supported on Nucoda. All controls can be mapped using the Tangent Mapping software.

DVO image processing tools (optional)

Award-winning tools for cleaning and enhancing digital and film material. DVO Clarity noise and grain reduction, Deflicker, Dead Pixel Detection and Intelligent Sharpen are just some of the tools that have become an indispensable part of the colorist’s arsenal.

Background caching

Unobtrusive background rendering ensures you always have the best results available without interruption. Our selectable GPU and layer cache operations allow you to streamline the rendering pipeline to suit your needs. Full cache management options and compressed caches are also supported in project.

Integrated Scopes and Measurement

User configurable scopes and measurement tools. ROI Display. Waveform and PQ Nit displays. Custom labels Multiple monitor support - Multi-monitor support with different resolution configurations.

DVO Image enhancement

Access to DVO Tools for advanced image processing. All DVO Tools are included in Ultimate editions or can be purchased as upgrade packs.

Color Conversion Tools

Color Space conversion, Illuminants, Curves, Gamma conversion, PQ transform are all available and can be applied at different stages of the rendering pipeline.

Amazing Support & Training

Best in-class support for time-critical environments.
Monthly or yearly support packages and bespoke training services.

How to Buy

You can subscribe to Nucoda and additional (optional) DVO Packs on a monthly or yearly basis.

Alternatively, for enquiries about multiple subscriptions, custom configurations or pro-forma invoices you can contact our sales team.

We also sell our products via an extensive Global Partner Network if you prefer to deal with someone in your local country.