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Our program of online classes are perfect for you to learn how to get the most from our tools whilst engaging with our global community of creators.

Our live lessons are delivered through LinkedIn, hosted by our team and a ‘Demo Driver’ and are fun, informative & easy to join.  All lessons are recorded and available on our YouTube channel.

1on1 sessions can be arranged separately with one of our Master TrainersFor the most ambitious amongst you a session with our resident Jedi himself, Bjorn Lantz, can be arranged (if you think you’re hard enough!)

Latest Episode

It's all about the Plugins...

Now that our OFX DVO Performance Pack is available on M-series Macs, our resident Master Trainer Fabio Bedoya shows us how to use each of our tools to get Incredible results.

Meet the Teachers

Bjorn Lantz


Some say he can grade and restore any full-length feature in under 10 minutes... regardless of render time. All we know is that he’s called Bjorn... and he’s our resident Filmworkz Jedi and fountain of all knowledge.

Fabio Bedoya

Master Trainer

Fabio is one of our Master Trainers, on a quest to protect the world’s cultural heritage, one lost piece of film at a time. Thanks to his specialization in historical work, Fabio knows how best to Create Incredible using Phoenix. 

More Episodes

Keep your footage in place with DVO Frame Lock. Bjorn takes us on a crash course on one of our latest tools to hit the shelves. Get rid of the need for manual correction.

Want to become a Restoration pro? Tune into this lesson of the Classroom with Fabio Bedoya who shows us how to start a project in Phoenix with DVO Steady 2.

Class is now in session! Blake Jones shows us how to use the OFX Tools in Resolve along with some quick tips on how to get the most out of these award-winning tools.

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