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A little bit of history…

We’re a new company with a 30 year history!

We launched in 2022 bringing the power of the Emmy award-winning image processing technology of our family company, Digital Vision World, to an entirely new audience in the form of OFX plugins, together with our Archive Restoration Company, R3store Studios, and our Footage Fanatics at R3el.com (scroll down for ‘we are family’ )

From freelancers to international broadcasters, indie film makers to Hollywood studios and everyone in-between, Filmworkz is proud to take the Digital Vision 30 year heritage into the next decade and beyond by making the world’s most comprehensive suite of image-processing DVO Tools more accessible than ever before.

Filmworkz now offers a low-cost subscription option for the entire range of Digital Vision products and technology including our most popular DVO Tools including Clarity, Brickwall and Regrain RGB which are now available on a range of OFX platforms, without the need for any major, up-front capital investment.

And it’s just the start... there’s much more INCREDIBLE stuff coming down the line so keep an eye and join us on our mission; why not take a free trial today or join the Filmworkz Academy and be a part of our rapidly growing community of creators?

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Assault on Precinct 13

A little bit of Freddie…

Is our enigmatic, mysterious Chief Scientist who’s the brains behind our “secret sauce” DVO’s; a lifetime’s work has produced the world’s most advanced coloring and finishing algorithms which are used by the very best Creators in the world

Very few know of Freddie’s existence and even fewer have ever spoken to him as he self-isolates in a secret location and rarely surfaces. However, using scooby treats and other incentives we convinced him to say a few words:

“There are two parts to grading: getting the color as you want it; and then solving any problems with the image. The color part is where the colorist, or color artist, really shows their creative skills. These DVOs give them the ability to change the digital images to make them look how they want them to look.”

“The problem-solving part is about repairing the image where there might be dead pixels or, with film, scratches or dust. These restoration problems are usually harder to solve and need more effort. But, whether you are working as a color artist or restorer, my DVOs are designed to make your life easier and allow your creativity to flourish.”

A little bit of heritage...

You could say it all began with the legendary British director, Sir David Lean. His 1954 romantic comedy, Hobson’s Choice – where the lead character is nominally given two choices, but realistically only has one – was the first assignment for a young visual effects artist, Bob Cuff.

Bob specialized in matte painting. Based initially at Shepperton Studios in west London, Bob would go on to have a long career as a matte artist, working for, amongst others, the great Orson Welles and as a miniature effects artist on Stanley Kubrick’s 1968 masterpiece, 2001: A Space Odyssey, where he worked alongside his future daughter-in-law, Joy.

Joy was another VFX artist who worked on many TV series and films, from the iconic ‘60s kid’s puppet series, Thunderbirds, to the 1989 Terry Jones comedy-fantasy, Erik the Viking.

Bob and Joy, in turn, were the inspirations for Joy’s son, Simon Cuff, to get involved in the film industry. Simon joined Parallax Graphic Systems, which was bought by Avid in the mid ‘90s, and then helped set-up and became the original CEO of Nucoda in 2000.

The big breakthrough came in 2005 with the Paul Haggis movie, Crash, starring Sandra Bullock, Don Cheadle and Matt Dillon, which was the first digitally mastered film to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. It was all graded on Nucoda and from then the company never looked back.

Nucoda went on to be installed in most of the top post houses in London and Hollywood as well as major international studios and broadcasters and is used today by many of the world’s best color artists at the top of their game.

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A little bit of Digital Vision…

That legacy continued after Nucoda was bought by Digital Vision in 2006 and as more and more world-class DVO algorithms were developed, Phoenix was launched to address the growing need for film and video restoration.

The company then entered the workflow and automation space with the launch of Loki, unlocking the power of any DVO in a high-volume, workflow environment. More recently in 2022, Transform A.I. was introduced under the Filmworkz brand to offer the core functionality of Loki for organizations primarily requiring file-based up-scaling and standards conversion workflows.

A little bit of DVO Power…

There are now an amazing 37 individual DVO Tools available, giving color artists and restorers an incredible arsenal to alter an image as they want. They run on Filmworkz’ premium Nucoda color grading and finishing system and the Phoenix suite of world-class restoration products.

A select range of the 7 most popular tools are also available as OFX DVO Plugins that can be deployed on Mistika, Resolve and Scratch platforms, bringing the power of Filmworkz’ amazing DVOs to an even wider audience.

Transform A.I. and Loki allow DVO Tools to be deployed in automated workflows, enabling customers to create sophisticated, yet flexible, highly-scalable file-based automations with unparalleled image processing capability.