WHY USE DVO Sharpen?

Greatly enhance out-of-focus shots. Sharpen uses adaptive picture analysis and processing to yield excellent results without the common side effects associated with standard algorithms (such as amplified grain, noise, or halos around areas that were already sharp).

Intelligent Sharpness

Intelligently identifies details beyond the noise and only enhances the bits you want enhanced.

Highlight image elements

Sharpen allows you to draw the focus of the viewer to a specific image element.

Match camera details

Use Sharpen to match the details across different camera sources.


DVO Sharpen comes as standard in these Products:

Nucoda Essentials, OFX DVO Essentials, Phoenix Film, Phoenix Ultimate

DVO Sharpen is available in these DVO Upgrade Packs

Nucoda Packs:

Phoenix Packs:

DVO Film Pack