Maya Katherine Podcast

Episode One – Maya Katherine: Directing My First Film

Welcome to the ‘Create Incredible’ podcast series, where we talk with directors, producers, and colorists about their ‘real world’ experience. From personal stories to insider knowledge, we give you the low-down of what it’s like behind the scenes.

In this episode, our own Sophia Stanfold talks with Maya Katherine about her experience writing and directing her first upcoming film ‘Moishe’.

The film is a re-telling of the story of Jewish boys in Ukraine who were taken from their homes to be integrated into the rest of the Russian Empire during the 1800s. This emotional story touches upon the experiences of these individuals who were subjected to abuse, and were forced to convert to Christianity before serving 25 years in the army.

Maya chats to us about her process on the development of ‘Moishe’, the importance of building a portfolio, tips and tricks, and what it’s like to be a young female director.

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