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These award-winning tools have been at the heart of enhancement and restoration for 30 years. So, whether you are taming grain and noise with DVO Clarity, removing dead pixels with DVO Pixel, or adding some much needed detail with DVO Sharpen, Filmworkz DVOs are there every step of the way.

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Our world-leading post-production tools are here. Brought to you by Filmworkz from Digital Vision, you can now access the best industry tools for a small monthly subscription. Here are six tools that are going to make a world of difference to your end project.

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You bring the talent, we'll bring the tools. It's a match made in heaven.Filmworkz provides content creators all over the world with the tools they need to make moving image magic. Our award-winning DVO plugins are compatible with the top editing platforms, and are available for a small monthly subscription; no tie-ins, no secret clauses.It's time to change the face of post-production, will you join us?


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Meet the Artists

Meet the Artists
  • Blake Jones at work

    Blake Jones

    Filmworkz met with Blake Jones, a colourist for over 35 years, to discuss how our DVO tools have changed the way he works, both in his colour-grading work and his role as an official trainer for the International Colorist Association (ICA). Formerly a Technical Director for Condor Digital, Blake has graded a number of well-known films, including 2001: A Space Odyssey and Poltergeist.
  • Reinout De Geest

    Filmworkz met with Reinout De Geest, a freelance colourist based in the Netherlands, to discuss how our DVO tools have impacted his work. Throughout his career, Reinout has graded a number of television series and documentaries, and is currently working on two reality shows, Drag Race Holland and ANTV, a series about Dutch footballers.

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