WHY USE DVO De-interlace?

DVO De-interlace uses advanced motion adaptation techniques to preserve sharpness whilst avoiding jaggedness by accurately creating progressive frames from interlaced originated material. The deinterlacer can maintain the fluid motion present in video (e.g. 50p delivery from a 50i source) or create a film look (e.g. 25p delivery from a 50i source).

Create Film Look

Commonly used to create a Film look from interlaced video source material.

Preserve sharpness

Advanced motion adaptation produces sharp images and no jagged lines.

Satisfy Broadcaster requirements

De-interlace will meet UHD and other delivery broadcasting requirements.

HOW TO ACCESS DVO De-interlace?

DVO De-interlace comes as standard in these Products:

Phoenix Video, Phoenix Ultimate

DVO De-interlace is available in these DVO Upgrade Packs

Nucoda Packs:

DVO Essentials Plus Pack, DVO Video Pack, DVO Convert Pack

Phoenix Packs:

DVO Video Pack, DVO Convert Pack