WHY USE DVO Cross-color?

Restoration artists often complain of unwanted results from crosstalk between the chrominance and luminance components of a composite video signal (PAL or NTSC). Once a video signal has been in the composite domain, this defect is not easily removed. DVO Cross-color is an incredibly accurate tool that eliminates these problems with ease.

Remove Crosstalk

High-frequency luma will be misinterpreted as a color in a composite signal; DVO Cross Color cancels the color in these areas to avoid sharp chroma twitter.

Clean chroma

Noisy color component signal will be efficiently cleaned.

HOW TO ACCESS DVO Cross-color?

DVO Cross-color comes as standard in these Products:

Phoenix Video, Phoenix Ultimate

DVO Cross-color is available in these DVO Upgrade Packs

Nucoda Packs:

DVO Video Pack

Phoenix Packs:

DVO Video Pack