WHY USE DVO Flicker?

Will remove luminance variations and chroma breathing from one frame to another & analyze the image sequence to remove brightness and chrominance fluctuations. These may be caused by varying exposure time, unsynchronized light sources, telecine transfer, aging film stock, and/or film chemical related issues.

Remove image flicker

Using temporal analysis, DVO Flicker can globally target fluctuations in luminosity to normals the image and remove image flicker.

Easy Color breathing correction

Targeting chrominace changes from frame to frame, the algorithm easily identifies and corrects color breathing issues with film material.

Targeted flicker removal

Using our in-depth filters DVO Flicker targets the specific area of the image affected by flickering.


DVO Flicker comes as standard in these Products:

Phoenix Film, Phoenix Ultimate

DVO Flicker is available in these DVO Upgrade Packs

Nucoda Packs:

DVO Essentials Plus Pack

Phoenix Packs:

DVO Film Pack