The ultimate Restoration tool - DVO Fix facilitates the repair of specific areas and imperfections in a single frame, such as scratches, hairs and blotches. It also works for repairing more extensive damage such as punch holes, film tears and full-frame reconstruction. Using a brush or shape tool to select the damage, DVO Fix automatically repairs the selected area by comparing it to adjacent frames and applying motion compensation to recreate missing detail plus grain compensation to blend-in the recreated information. In addition to Auto Fix and manual Clone, an Auto Clone mode will automatically reposition and perform a best match of surrounding frames as an alternative to complete regeneration of content.

Auto clone & repair

Clone an area from any frame to auto repair an area within +- 2 frames.

Easy Fix

Use Fix to repair the problem area or the entire frame.

Allows advanced reconstruction

Uses references from any frame; Regrain, Rotate, Scale and offset the fix; edit any paint stroke.


DVO Fix comes as standard in these Products:

Phoenix Core, Phoenix Film, Phoenix Video, Phoenix Ultimate

DVO Fix is available in these DVO Upgrade Packs

Nucoda Packs:

DVO Essentials Plus Pack

Phoenix Packs: