Even the most sophisticated digital cameras can suffer from Chroma bleeding. DVO Chroma is a powerful, fully automated tool that will enhance the quality of your image in a completely non-destructive way.

Correct chroma bleeding

DVO Chroma can handle video material and remove color fringing that can be exacerbated by the video format, particularly with PAL and NTSC material.

Correct color fringing

Even the most sophisticated high-end digital cameras produce chroma bleeding in areas of contrast. DVO Chroma allows you to produce the highest quality image from the highest quality cameras.

Correct Color bleeding

DVO Chroma corrects chromatic aberrations in film scans without introducing any unwanted artifacts.

Chromatic aberration or color fringing due to the camera optics are easily corrected. Also, any Bayer sensor will suffer chroma bleeding, which DVO Chroma will fix with a simple nudge.


DVO Chroma comes as standard in these Products:

Nucoda Essentials, OFX DVO Essentials, Phoenix Film, Phoenix Video, Phoenix Ultimate

DVO Chroma is available in these DVO Upgrade Packs

Nucoda Packs:

DVO Video Pack

Phoenix Packs:

DVO Film Pack, DVO Video Pack