WHY USE DVO Brickwall?

Reduce compression artifacts & improve the results of your compressed image. Reduce signal entropy & achieve extremely sharp cut-off beyond your defined frequency, enabling you to create accurate & defined spectral content for various types of compression pre-processing.

Brickwall does it all: avoid and remove macro blocking; remove the alias effect in Drone footage; remove mosquitoing in digitized videotapes; brush off high intense noise.

Reduce artifacts

By pre-filtering material, DVO Brickwall ensures the highest quality for compression and will improve the quality of the image.

Compensate camera sensor failures

Brickwall can deal with a range of issues caused by sensor failures. Utilizing the high-frequency filtering system, Brickwall can seamlessly identify and remove patterned artifacts.

Perfectly combines with other DVOs for complex problems

DVO Brickwall can be an excellent additional tool when using multiple DVOs to address challenging scenarios. Whether it's artifacts in light reflections, irregular grain patterns created by a combination of issues, or rendering issues from animation. Brickwall is an essential component when building a stack of corrections.


DVO Brickwall comes as standard in these Products:

Nucoda Essentials, OFX DVO Essentials, Phoenix Video, Phoenix Ultimate

DVO Brickwall is available in these DVO Upgrade Packs

Nucoda Packs:

DVO Video Pack

Phoenix Packs:

DVO Video Pack