Six things wrong with your footage right now (and how to fix them)

Let’s set the scene: you’re in the editing suite looking at the footage for your new project but – shock, horror – the visuals aren’t up to scratch. 

We feel you. Whether it’s out-of-focus subjects, or pesky lines over your footage, fixing issues in post-production can cost time and money, each of which we’ll wager are in short supply. But before you arrange those expensive retakes, have a look at just how the DVO tools from Filmworkz can help. 

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Problem: Out-of-focus footage

It’s not 1988 and you’re not making a music video for MTV so soft and out-of-focus images in every shot probably isn’t the look you’re going for. But that’s the footage you’ve been given. How do you like dem apples?

Relax, there’s a Filmworkz plugin for that… Sharpen

Effective in high as well as low lights, Sharpen clears images without adding extra noise, enhancing both the crispness and strength of the detail in your footage. Using smart, edge-aware technology, Sharpen allows you to get really granular with what you’re sharpening, keeping what’s meant to be out of focus, well…still out of focus, and making your subjects *POP*, just like they should. 

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Problem: Your deadline is looming and you can’t be sure you’ve found all the dead pixels

Imagine this: you’re running right up to the wire with your Netflix project, and the time to manually check for zombie pixels is running out. 

Zombie pixels are those irritating elements that are the wrong colour or resolution on the fringes of your subject. Once you see them, they’re impossible to ignore but here’s the kicker: you don’t actually know whether you’ve caught them all until your footage is delivered back to you with a request to fix the ones you’ve missed. 

Relax, there’s a Filmworkz plugin for that… Pixel

Introducing Pixel, an automated programme that zeros in on faulty pixels and repairs them in a jif, keeping your footage free from pesky zombie pixels. Pixel boosts the overall quality of your footage, bringing your final cut up to scratch with very little effort at all. 

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Problem: Poor quality camera footage 

Yes, we know – movie-making is more accessible than ever thanks to affordable cameras. That being said, the footage that comes from these cheaper models can be a bit iffy, making the job of the post-production specialist even more difficult. 

Relax, there’s a Filmworkz plugin for that… Chroma 

Chroma helps you to improve the footage from low-quality cameras and lenses – so, if you’re jumping from a high-quality video to something captured by a drone, for example, Chroma can help to create a seamless transition between the two, reducing coloured fringes on hard edges. 

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Problem: Bad transitions

A quick glance over the day’s call sheet and you know what’s coming: peppered with interchanging interior and exterior shots, transitions in your footage are going to be an issue, but one that’s easily fixed thanks to Filmworkz. 

Relax, there’s a Filmworkz plugin for that… Clarity 

Managing seamless transitions between shots and scenes is a fine art which experienced post-production specialists just have a knack for. So, what’s their secret? The right tools, of course, like Clarity – a cutting-edge DVO which is a go-to for colourists. 

Like Chroma, Clarity does a bang-up job of giving footage the same look-and-feel between cameras, irrespective of quality, shot angles and locations.  

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Problem: Ugly flickering over footage

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, that pesky flickering over your footage is really there, and it’s a real problem. 

What you’re seeing are called digital artefacts and they appear when your object has repetitive details – like lines or dots – which exceeds the sensor resolution. Usually an issue in highly-compressed footage (from drone cameras, for instance) or older film, but one that’s easily fixed. 

Relax, there’s a Filmworkz plugin for that… Brickwall 

Unwanted frequencies, artefacts, and mosquitoing can be a thing of the past with this post-production marvel. Brickwall boosts the quality of footage even in low file sizes, meaning that you won’t have to skimp on how those social media videos appear. 

Find out about Brickwall

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