GUEST BLOG: Mazze from SCRATCH explains how to make the most of your Filmworkz DVOs

11 months ago / by Filmworkz / 5 min read
In this post, I want to give you a little introduction on how to apply the DVOs in SCRATCH. There’s two ways and two locations to load and apply them. Let’s first look at how to load them onto a...

Six things wrong with your footage right now (and how to fix them)

11 months ago / by Filmworkz / 4 min read
Let’s set the scene: you’re in the editing suite looking at the footage for your new project but – shock, horror – the visuals aren’t up to scratch.  We feel you. Whether it’s out-of-focus subjects, or pesky lines over your...

How do DVOs work in DaVinci Resolve™ & Mistika?

1 year ago / by Filmworkz / 3 min read
You’ve downloaded the installer and punched in your licence number but how do you start turning mediocre footage into jaw dropping film? No sweat, we’ve got all the questions you need answering right here: How do I know the DVOs...

Which DVO do I need?

1 year ago / by Filmworkz / 4 min read
So, picture this.  You’re in the edit. The composition of your frame is otherworldly, with footage pumping out an epic 50fps, now all that’s left is to create that gorgeous, cinematic film.  Then BAM! Some miserable anomalies have decided to...

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