How do DVOs work in DaVinci Resolve™ & Mistika?

You’ve downloaded the installer and punched in your licence number but how do you start turning mediocre footage into jaw dropping film? No sweat, we’ve got all the questions you need answering right here:

How do I know the DVOs have been installed correctly?

Well, we don’t like to brag (well, maybe a little) but Filmworkz has worked with Digital Vision World to make their Emmy award winning DVO tools available as OpenFX (OFX) plugins. Which simply means, once activated, they’ll appear automatically into either your DaVinci Resolve™ or Mistika apps. Locked, loaded and ready for action. 

Where do they live in Mistika? 

Like all effects in Mistika, you’ll find them in the FX panel. You’ll notice a new tab labelled ‘FILMWORKZ’, under which you’ll see all the DVO’s you’ve subscribed to with your particular licence. 

How about DaVinci Resolve™? 

The same but different. In DaVinci Resolve™ they’ll be located in ‘Library’ where most colour grade effects are grouped but in a new folder called ‘Filmworkz’. 

Okay, but how do I use them? 

Applying these DVO’s is almost embarrassingly easy. In Mistika they act like any other normal effect would, you click on the desired DVO and it’ll be placed on top of your shot. Making integration between several DVO’s or any other app effects incredibly simple, you can just stack them like you would normally. 

Likewise, in DaVinci Resolve™, you can just drag and drop from the Library into the Node Graph Panel. Set it between the input and output points and away you go, placing as many effects and restorations as you like. 

Regardless of which app, however, each plugin will have a list of individual settings and their associated values. Giving you unbelievable control and an endless amount of actions to take. Made even more impressive by the DVO’s power to display the changes in real-time. Allowing you to create dynamic workflows that show you your results all in one place. It may look a little daunting at first, but you’ll get the hang of it.

Unleash the power of presets

With so much flexibility and control on the colour, restoration and visual effects, you’ll quickly learn what works for you. Especially when you’re working on similar types of projects, you’ll start to see similar types of problems crop up. So building your own personal library of presets will save you a heap of time and help speed up your workflows. Then, all you have to do is plugin your preset and start from a place you understand and make the adjustments accordingly. Perfect for avoiding any awkward client silences or the look over the shoulder as you furiously tweak each individual setting! 

Let the games begin!

Right, you’re all set, you know where those plug-ins live and how to tweak the settings till your heart’s content. All that’s left is to grab a coffee, crank up the tunes and load your next project to see what these bad boys can do – peace ✌️. 


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