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How do I install my DVOs?

Once you’ve purchased your tools, you’ll be able to download our custom installer that will take you through the steps required for your operating system. Once installed, your shiny new tools will appear in your OFX library, in your editing platform.

Luckily for you, we have created this video to give you a hand should you run into any trouble along the way.

What kinds of subscriptions do you offer?

All of our tools are available individually, in any combination you can think of, or as a complete bundle for a recurring monthly fee or a recurring annual fee. You can cancel your subscription at anytime, and you can add and remove DVOs as you please; it’s as easy as that.

What are the hardware requirements?

In order to utilise the Filmworkz DVO tools you will need the following hardware:

  • Minimum hardware requirements (single tool usage)
    • Intel or AMD processor that supports Supplemental SSE 3 (SSSE3 for short).
    • 4 physical CPU cores
    • 32 GB of RAM (for single tool use, 1080p)
  • Minimum hardware requirements (multi tool usage)
    • Intel or AMD processor that supports Supplemental SSE 3 (SSSE3 for short).
    • 16 physical CPU cores (Processors supporting AVX2)
    • 64 GB of RAM (multi tool usage & 4k work)
What applications do the DVO tools work on?

At the moment, all six of our DVO tools are compatible with DaVinci Resolve™ 16 and above, Mistika Boutique V8.8 and above, Nucoda from Digital Vision, and Scratch V9.2 and above. The tools are rigorously tested on the two most up-to-date versions of these platforms, and Filmworkz are always working hard to bring the DVOs to more platforms. Got one in mind? Fill in our form at the bottom of the page here and let us know what platform you need these tools on.

What forms of payment do you take?

We accept payments from Mastercard, Apple Pay, Visa and PayPal. All of our payments are securely handled by Stripe.

Which operating systems do the tools work on?

All six of the Filmworkz tools are certified on the following operating systems:

  • CentOS 6.4 (or later)
  • Windows 10
  • macOS Catalina (or later)
How do the DVO tools work within SCRATCH?

Our friends over at SCRATCH have put together this handy video to help you get your Filmworkz tools set-up:

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